Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy supports children from stressed environments to develop meaningful social connections, experience respite from difficult thoughts or feelings, and adopt healthy behaviours to cope with stress.

What is it?

Waves for Change has developed an innovative, evidence based model that fuses the rush of surfing with mind-body therapy, for children and young people who are exposed to high levels of trauma, violence and adversity.

Who is this for?

Children and young people, exposed to repeat trauma and adversity, who feel negatively about themselves and are unable to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings.

Benefits of Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy combines the positive health benefits of surfing and physical activity with activities proven to help young people build protective relationships, identify emotions, self soothe and build a positive vision of their future.

Where We Work

W4C operates Beach Safe Hubs in coastal communities affected by violence, poverty and conflict, where mental health services are often stigmatised and under-resourced.

Working in partnership with local community members, we identify, train and provide resources to Community Coaches to deliver the Surf Therapy service.

  • Muizenberg
  • Monwabisi
  • Hout Bay
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London

Get a Child to the Beach

Just a ripple can make waves and change lives through surfing and child-friendly mental health.