We play to connect. Not to win.

All around the world more and more people are recognising the power of sport. We work with partners to design, evaluate and implement Sport for Mental Health programmes that improve the mental health of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

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We provide training and ongoing support to networks of partners operating in high-risk and underserved areas. Partners receive annual in-depth training and regular 1:1 in person support to integrate Five Pillar curriculum activities and coaching skills into their existing programmes. Our networks strengthen the provision of youth mental health services in underserved areas.

  • Apply to join our Cape Town network
  • New City Network launching in May 2024 – announcement to be made soon
  • Read the feasibility study of our 2022 Cape Town network

Grow with us

We partner with organisations looking to launch new mental health programmes for their community, their city and their province. We help partners design interventions, train staff to use our Five Pillar Coaching Resource & Curriculum Guides, and conduct pilot evaluations of their new interventions.

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We run 4 one-day workshops per year to help partners make the best use of our guides. Sign-up to our partner list, and we’ll invite you to our next workshop

The Five Pillar Framework

To enhance the natural benefits of sport, W4C developed The Five Pillar Framework. A combination of evidence-based coaching techniques and curriculum activities that enhance social attachment and self regulation using sport

What are the 5 Pillars?

  • Access to a caring coach and supportive peer group
  • Access to mentally, emotionally, and physically safe spaces
  • Mastering fun, challenging new tasks and behaviours
  • Practicing prosocial behaviours through games and activities
  • Access to new opportunities and support systems