Surf Therapy

Incubated and refined over 12 years, W4C has developed a child-friendly, culturally appropriate, community based adolescent mental health prevention/promotion service which is evidence based and effective at reducing toxic stress.

Benefits of Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy combines the positive health benefits of surfing and physical activity with activities proven to help young people build protective relationships, identify emotions, self soothe and build a positive vision of their future.

  • Creates physically, emotionally and mentally safe spaces for children
  • Offers respite through learning to master a fun, challenging new task (surfing)
  • Offers structured psycho-social education to teach children to cope with stress and live well
  • Provides access to other services, more opportunities and supportive social groups

What does science say about the W4C 5 Pillar Coaching Method?

A 2022 external evaluation of Surf Therapy executed by The New School (New York) used several validated measures to assess the physiological health of young people (to assess mitigation of toxic stress), their ability to regulate emotions and ability to form new protective social relationships. The study made a firm recommendation that Surf Therapy be included in interventions looking to improve children’s resilience and recovery from Toxic Stress.

Towards Greater Inclusivity

Programmes to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at multiple beach sites.

We value inclusivity and aim to effectively meet the needs of growing neurodiverse participants. In 2022, we extended our ASD programming from 85 to 93 participants in Surf Therapy and Surf Clubs. Children with ASD are referred to us from some of the poorest schools in surrounding communities, key government departments and community health role-players.

Get a Child to the Beach

Just a ripple can make waves and change lives through surfing and child-friendly mental health.