We’re recruiting – Global Development Director

Title: Global Development Director
Focus:​ Grow funding & increase W4C reach globally
Location: ​Cape Town, South Africa &/or remote locations UK or USA

Waves for Change Mission Statement: ​W4C is a multi-award winning non-profit providing child-friendly mental health services in communities where mental health services are under-resourced & stigmatized. W4C provides vulnerable children with caring adults, safe spaces, challenging tasks and surf therapy sessions, helping youth regulate behaviour, cope with stress, build healing relations and make positive life choices.
W4C delivers programmes in South Africa and Liberia, operates partnerships in Somalia, and convenes the International Surf Therapy Organisation annually.

Position Summary: ​Having completed several successful evaluations, grown Surf Therapy programmes across South Africa and recently into Liberia and Somalia, launched an international Surf Therapy network, and with registered Charitable Status in South Africa, UK and US, Waves
for Change seeks a dynamic and experienced Development Director to help W4C cement the long-term future of Surf Therapy as a global health intervention.

As Development Director, you will join our recently established Global Team. Working between our South African, UK and US foundations, you’ll join our global mission to increase access to Surf Therapy globally, improve the evidence base for Surf Therapy globally, and increase funding for W4C & Surf Therapy programming both in South Africa and Internationally.

You will lead​ on funding bids which will double W4C income in the first year of operations, and triple W4C income by the end of Year 3. You will have experience working with medium to large donors in the South African and International development sectors and have developed and
executed data-driven fundraising strategies securing funding for youth development, mental health, gender, violence prevention & employment programming. You have also formed strategic alliances with agencies including USAID & DFID to secure participation in major national and
international development projects.

You will work in partnership​ with W4C Global Team to initiate new global partnerships which increase participation in Surf Therapy globally. You will have experience working in senior leadership positions in established Sport and Development / Development organisations. You will
will have a network with Sport and Development portfolio heads within major donor and aid agencies. (EG: UN, USAID, UNICEF, Save the Children).

Finally, you will work in partnership with W4C MEL​ team to identify new outcomes from Surf Therapy programming, coordinate new research and release presentations and publications that increase the evidence base for Surf Therapy globally. As a key member of a successful NGO developing out of start-up phase, you contribute to strategic decision making relating to organisational expansion.

Primary Targets:
Business Development
● Use existing networks to triple W4C income in next three years, engaging partners in South
Africa, UK and USA. 7 Million ZAR – 21 Million ZAR in 3 years.
o Funding to be raised in ZAR / USD / GBP and can be landed in W4C
Foundations in US, UK and SA.
● Leverage existing networks, form new global partnerships, assisting W4C programmes grow
from 800 children per week in 2018 to 5,000 children per week by 2020.
Global advocacy & thought leadership
● Lead W4C MEL Director & Global C.O.O to develop compelling impact presentations &
abstracts for presentations at conferences, in journals, on print / online platforms worldwide.

● Demonstrated record of finding, securing, and managing funding
● Demonstrated record of securing subgrants for major intl development / research
● Demonstrated experience of developing strategic partnerships to scale programming.
● 5 years Senior Leadership experience
● Experience developing & managing successful grants through large development
agencies (USAID / DFID / Ford / Gates)
Salary & Benefits​: Competitive salary based on experience.
Working Arrangement:
● Individuals must have working visas / residency in either SA, US, UK.
● Applicants from USA / UK must
○ Be able to work remotely
○ Commit to minimum 3 months per year in Cape Town (W4C to cover all costs)

To apply:
Send CV and your approach for capturing three new funders to
recruitment@waves-for-change.org by March 1st, 2018.