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Why I chose surfing more than drug addiction

I was involved in a drug addiction two years ago. I think it was 2010 and 2011, my life was useless. But my friend Sinethemba was came to me, I think it was 2012, and told me about a guy who can teach how to surf. I was know nothing how to do surfing. I was ignore Sinethemba because drugs was my favourite thing in my life. But 5 days passed and I thought about it because of I was watching TV and story movies about guys who used the drugs before and that guy was changed because of communicate to their friend.

I thought Sinethemba was right to try to communicate with my about my situation. I spoke privately with Sinethemba and I was tell him I agree with you so when can I start surfing? Sinethemba told me if you desperate can you follow me after school. Our coach will be there at 2.30 to fetch us. We can go to the beach, name of the beach is Monwabasi at Isiqalo Waves for Change. I was ashamed to see other people because it was my first day. Sinethemba, he say to me Amkela, don’t be ashamed, you welcome at Waves for Change. He say surfing, it’s a freedom. I was say to him, thank you Sine, now I will achieve my goals, now I’m a surfer. I will never change my mind because I feel comfortable at Waves for Change.