Surf Therapy

Child-Friendly Mental Health Services for Under-Resourced Communities

Insight into Surf Therapy and the link to Mental Health

Surf Therapy combines the health benefits of surfing and physical activity with activities that help young people build protective relationships, identify emotions, self soothe and build a positive future vision.

Our Programmes

Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy builds social connections, provides respite from difficult thoughts and feelings, and develops skills to cope with stress.

The Wave Alliance

Through training and mentoring, the Wave Alliance community grows access to community-owned mental health services in coastal communities worldwide.

Research, Learn, Adapt

Waves for Change strives to constantly learn from, refine and improve our service through monitoring, evaluation and research. We do this through partnerships with Universities and funders, participating in communities of practice and learning networks, and creating spaces for W4C child and youth voices to be heard in our programme design and delivery.

About Waves for Change

Waves for Change is a registered South African non-profit organisation. Since 2009, we have worked with Universities, children and young people to develop a community based, child-friendly mental health service.

Through published, participatory research, our Surf Therapy programme has been co-designed with children and youth alongside supervision from local mental health experts. Together we have created an innovative programme that is both child and youth friendly and evidence based.

Our Supporters

Get a Child to the Beach

Just a ripple can make waves and change lives through surfing and child-friendly mental health.