How You Can Contribute

Are you passionate about surfing, mental health and community well-being? Your contribution can give a child access to the services and support they require.

Get Involved

You can make the ripples that create waves for change. Here are some of the ways in which you can contribute to Surf Therapy and child-friendly mental health services.

Once-Off or Monthly Donations

Join the tribe by becoming a monthly donor or make a single donation which you can even dedicate to someone special.

Corporate Giving & Sponsorships

You and your staff can benefit by becoming a corporate partner through BBBEE, Socio Economic Development, CSI, sponsorships, and activities.

Gifts in Kind

Do you have a spare surfboard, some towels, or extra stock that could benefit our Surf Therapy programme?

Start a Fundraiser

Everything you need to start your own fundraiser and mobilise your friends and family to support Surf Therapy.

Our Supporters

Get a Child to the Beach

Just a ripple can make waves and change lives through surfing and child-friendly mental health.